When we concluded our investigation, a cleansing of the house was conducted with white sage (also known as smudging).  When the smudging was complete, the air felt lighter.  After three weeks of we followed up with the homeowner and to this day she has received no further activity.  

​At the end of the investigation we tried one more tactic in an attempt to draw out any spirits in the house.  I provoked, and stated, "I am going to cleanse this house."  After stating this we capture an EVP that appears rather upset with me wanting to clear the house of any spirits.  This is significant, because on two separate occasions we received a response after mentioning a cleansing of the house.  Watch the video below.

Another theory about EMF is that spirits can use it as a gateway or portal to the physical plane.  As you can see these orbs manifested from around the same location.  However, the anomaly in the second video manifested in the exact location the homeowner witnessed a shadow figure.  Are there spirits using this location as a portal to our dimension?  Are they using the EMF as energy to manifest themselves? Is it a little of both?

    In this case our initial goal was to prove the existence of spirit activity in the home. We started our investigation conducting a group EVP session with the spirit box and received no voices or EVPs on any of our recording devices.  Our EMF and K2 meters recorded very little activity, giving us very little evidence of the presence of spirits.  

    We did however, capture two separate spirit anomalies that were manifested into orbs. 

    During the initial interview we received no voices from the Ovilus III for over an hour.  As we described to the homeowner how we were going to cleanse the house with white sage our recorder catches feedback, then the Ovilus speaks...

    "Behind you."

    "You lay on it."


    After reviewing the initial interview we received two EVPs on our digital recorder.    

           During the initial interview the homeowner expressed that they did not want to move again, and if the occurrences did not stop, they would be forced to leave.  The homeowner stated that after dark, they would receive eerie feelings and hear strange noises.  They also stated they observed a full body, shadow figure in their bedroom doorway.  

             During the investigatory interview with the
    homeowner, a high EMF (electromagnetic field) reading was present in specific areas of the house.  Upwards to 50 MG in some areas were recorded.  We were able to trace the high EMF to an uncovered electrical light box inside the garage.  This is significant, as high readings of EMF can cause a person to hallucinate.  This in turn may cause the individual who is exposed to the EMF to believe he/she is seeing ghosts, when in actuality they are suffering from high EMF exposure.  To see our article on EMF and theories
     click here.  With this in the back of minds, we continued with our investigation...