The definition of paranormal is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.[1] The world of the paranormal covers a variety of areas.  Ranging from; Ghosts or spirits, cryptozoology and UFOs.  


Cryptozoology is the study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence.[2]Cryptids are the legendary animals or creatures that cryptozoologists study and seek. For example some of the most notible cryptids include; Sasquatch or Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster and The New Jersey Devil. 


​Is a Native American Ritual, used to cleanse a place or a person of negative energy.  This technique consists of the burning of certain herbs in accordance with walking around an infected location or fanning the smoke on an individual to rid the unwanted entity or energy. The most common herbs used to smudge is Sage or Sweet Grass. Most commonly used by the Native Americans, the burning of herbs or incense are frequently utilized by other spiritual traditions and religions.

Intelligent Hauntings

An intelligent haunting is when a spirit or entity is aware of its existence on present time.  Intelligent hauntings (also referred to as classic or traditional hauntings) also interact with the present environment and or people.  Examples of intelligent hauntings include; responding to questions in the form of knocks or EVPS, moving of objects (poltergeist activity), or any kind of communication with the living.  

Residual Hauntings

It is believed that when a traumatic event occurs, that moment is imprinted on time and space like a recording.  That moment is then played back in present time like a broken record.   This phenomenon is referred to as a residual haunting or the Stone Tape Theory. Examples of residual hauntings are gunshots, cannon fire, footsteps, screaming, full length conversations and or apparitions that are witnessed doing the same thing, over and over.  During highly pressured situations, like a murder or battle in a war, it is theorized that the energy being emitted by the event is absorbed by the surrounding objects or environment.  This energy is then reemitted creating a residual effect.  However, not all residual hauntings are traumatic or highly pressured events, routine events are often recorded as well.  For example, footsteps of a deceased guard performing his rounds could be a sign of a residual haunting.  The main factor in a residual haunting is that the same event is repeatedly played and the spirit and or energy recorded is unaware of its existence on present time.


EVP stands for "electronic voice phenomena."  It is believed that this phenomenon occurs when a spirit imprints its voice or a sound on a analog/digital voice recorder.  The sound or voice is not heard at the time the recording is taking place, but found later after playing the device back at a higher volume.  This is the most common method among paranormal investigators in determining spirit activity.  Digital voice recorders are the main tools used to capture EVPs, however, they are captured on virtually anything that records sound.  Some investigators use white noise in the background when conducting an EVP session.  It is believed this noise can contribute to increasing the likelihood of capturing an EVP.  


EMF stands for "Electromagnetic Field."  It is defined as the coupled electric and magnetic fields that are generated by time-varying currents and accelerated charges.[3] All electrical devices emit some range EMF, this depends on the amount of volts being conducted by the device. Higher volts = Higher EMF.  


Energy Theory

There are many theories surrounding EMF and the paranormal.  The most common theory practiced by paranormal investigators is the Energy Theory.  It is believed that all spirits are made up of energy, and that energy can be read when a spirit is present by using an EMF detector or milli gauss reader.  The idea is that spirits can use the surrounding EMF in a room or area and harness it as their own.  When doing this, it is speculated that ghosts can then attempt to manifest themselves visually or audibly.    When a spirit is near or is trying to manifest itself, the EMF detector is known to spike upwards to 6-7 mg from a base reading of 1 mg.  Many paranormal investigators use EMF pumps that emit high levels of EMF in an attempt to help spirits manifest. 

​Gateway Theory or Spiritual Highway

This theory is comprised of the idea that there are dimensions surrounding our physical world.  These dimensions in turn harbor spirits.  EMF then acts like a doorway or a portal for spirits to enter our world or travel from one location to the other from within it.  This theory then dives into the idea that when we are exposed to high EMF our brains can sometimes see into those other worlds, in turn seeing the spirits from those dimensions.  

EMF Sickness Theory

Professor of Psychology, Michael Persinger, conducted numerous experiments with the idea that EMF causes hallucinations.  Using and item called the "God Helmet"[4], Persinger emitted low levels of EMF into the frontal lobes of his subjects.  Many of the subjects reported, "mystical experiences and altered states."[5]  This theory refers that when an individual is not actually seeing ghost or spirits, but due to the high EMF, their brains are conjuring up the visions.       

For more information on EMF theories see this article by Bill Cogswell[6].