For more information on the historical Callahan House in Longmont, Colorado.  



               In conclusion, we believe the spirits of Thomas, Alice and Raymond Callahan provided us with enough evidence to support the claim of a haunting.  Unknown to the team, the spirits were unhappy with our presence at the time of the investigation.  A number of EVPs were captured asking for us to leave.  None of our investigators experienced any physical harm or felt threatened by these entities at any time.  Although unhappy, we believe the spirits that inhabit the house are not dark or demonic beings.  We believe the Callahan family still walk the halls of the mansion, they just want to be left alone and they pose no threat to anyone.  



               The name Thomas Callahan may not be a household name, but the impact of his work has affected consumer America to this day.  Thomas Callahan and his wife Alice, were instrumental in the development of Longmont and the Front Range.  They moved to Longmont in 1889 and opened a dry goods store called, “The Golden Rule.”  Training his employees the skills of retail, Thomas educated one of the most successful entreprenuers of the century, J.C. Penney.  In 1899 Thomas helped J.C. Penney open his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming.  Thomas and Alice Callahan purchased this home from J.K. Sweeney in exchange for seventeen railcars of lumber.  J.K. Sweeney would later use the lumber to construct a flourmill in Pueblo, Colorado, which to this day is still in operation. 
While researching The Callahan house we discovered some amazing paranormal activity.  Thomas had bought a piano for Alice in 1896, which was fully restored in 2002 and moved from its original location to her bedroom upstairs.  There are reports that the piano can be heard playing while no one in the house is present.  There is little documentation or evidence showing the presence of paranormal activity.  However, during our investigation we made an attempt to capture the piano playing on our digital recorder, and we succeeded.

​              Upon our arrival at The Callahan House we were greeted by the manager of the property and an individual who works there.  They both stated they have never experienced paranormal activity but did state that things have fallen off the wall and lights would randomly flicker on and off.  We were given a tour of the entire property and were amazed at the detail of this 19th century relic.  After reviewing the evidence we collected it appears that Alice’s bedroom elicited the majority of activity.  Several EVPs were captured along with substantial activity from the REM Pod and Spirit Box from which we believe to be the spirit of Thomas and Alice's son, Raymond Callahan.