The multiple personalities that were captured on our spirit box gave us the inclination that either the residence was inhabited by one demonic entity that was trying to confuse us, or multiple entities that may have followed the resident from their previous home.  After the investigation we took immediate action and blessed the residence with white sage and holy water.  The effects of the cleansing were instantaneous, as the air was lighter and depressed feelings were no longer present.  To this day some activity still occurs within the home. We will continue to work with the home owner to help them find closure and peace.




           In February, we were contacted by a home owner in Southwest Denver that was experiencing an array of phenomena within her home.  The home owner was originally from La Junta, Colorado and had experienced activity prior to moving to the Denver area.  The activity consisted of a variety of things from items falling off shelves, feelings of depression and sadness, voices and apparitions.  

            During the investigation we suspected that multiple spirits were present inside the home.  The EMF in the residence was normal and we received no significant spikes that would make us believe there was something paranormal present.  We did however, encounter quite a bit of evidence with our REM pod, Ovulis and spirit box.  Our full spirit box session is below.