​         While reviewing a short EVP session we conducted on our first meeting with Harold, our lead investigator became ill.  Plagued with a migraine headache, severe lower back pain and the feeling of being disorientated, the investigator had reason to believe he was being attacked.  After our lead recovered, it was decided to delay the release of the evidence that was collected on Harold.  It was also determined not to further pursue any other investigations with Harold and Anthony at this time.  There is reason to believe the doll is inhabited by many spirits.   Due to the evidence collected, we believe there is a malevolent entity that may be attached to the doll, disguising itself as many spirits.  Anthony was informed of our findings and we wish him the best of luck with Harold.  We will continue to keep in touch with Anthony and follow him on his blog.                                                          

Hopefully, Harold will find his peace...








           If you have ever researched or looked into haunted dolls on the web, chances are you have come across Haunted Harold.  With that being said, Harold has an extensive history.  The doll was manufactured around the turn of the century and is made of composite particles, plaster and water.  It is unknown at this time of the exact manufacturer, you can tell the doll has been, and forgive my pun, through hell and back.  The doll has been owned by people around the world.  All of the previous owners have reported strange occurrences, such as voices, slight movement and changes in facial expression.  Headaches, migraines, back pain and unexplained injuries have also been reported while in its presence.  The doll has also been blamed for the death of two people.  The doll being responsible for these deaths is still up to speculation, the truth may never be known...  

​                   Harold's current owner, Anthony Quinata, bought the doll on eBay in 2004.  After experiencing some paranormal activity Anthony put the doll in storage from 2005-2013.   We were contacted by Anthony to provide an understanding what type of entity inhabits the doll.  After an initial interview we decided to go to an undisclosed location and perform an EVP/Ovilus session.  During the investigation the Ovilus had numerous hits on the words "worry" and "guilt."  Our EVP picked up on many different voices accompanied by screaming and laughter.   

During the review of the evidence our lead investigator became ill, complaining of a migraine and lower back pain.  

For more information on Harold, check out Anthony's webpage and blog.  

Harold with current owner Anthony Quinata.