November 10, 2015

​Roselawn Cemetary, Pueblo, Colorado.

Chief Robert Krague Gravesite.

We decided to start an EVP session prior to our investigation at Roselawn Cemetary.  The goal was to see if we could make contact with the first Fire Chief of the Pueblo Fire Department, Robert J. Krague. We offered him an invitation to join us during our investigation.  After reviewing the recording in the car on the way back to the firehouse we received an answer.

The investigation started out slow at the firehouse.  That was until we lost all of the battery life on all of our recording devices.  After all devices were down, the REM pod started to light up, giving us the inclination that a spirit was present.  The REM pod was originally placed in the driver seat of the old fire truck that was parked inside the main gate of the museum. This fire truck had a lengthy paranormal history.  According to legend, the truck was parked in the back of the fire station one morning when it began to drive off on its own, making two 90 degree right turns down two residential streets before plunging into the front of the fire house.  Thankfully, nobody was hurt but there were multiple people who witnessed the event.

Due to all the technical difficulties we had no choice but to record the interaction with the only thing we had left, our mobile phone.