Co-founder, Lead Investigator

Randy is the Co-founder and Lead Investigator for Lockdown Paranormal.  Randy has been investigating the paranormal since 2001, independently and with other local paranormal groups.  Randy met John and Matt in 2008 as co-workers for the City and County of Denver.  In 2012 Randy and John were sharing their paranormal experiences when they decided to co-found a paranormal group, Lockdown Paranormal.

Being born and raised in South Denver, Randy has been living with ghosts his entire life.  His first childhood home was inhabited by a malevolent spirit that plagued his family for over 20 years.  Randy’s grandparents moved into the home in the early 1960’s after a murder suicide occurred in the home 8 years prior.  The spirit would manifest into his dead relatives, move and throw objects at guests of the home, and some nights a recurring event would occur.  Furious stomping of footsteps could be heard throughout the hallway leading to the master bedroom, the site of the crime.  Randy feels he has a close bond with the spirit world, due to numerous paranormal events he has experienced throughout his lifetime.

If you want to ask Randy a question please feel free to email him.



Co-founder, Investigator

John is the Co-founder/investigator for Lockdown Paranormal.  John and Randy started LDP back in 2012 while swapping ghost stories while working for the City of Denver.  John has believing in the paranormal for over 15 years and had no previous investigative experience prior to starting Lockdown Paranormal. 

John was born and raised in Maryland, moving to Colorado in 1999.  In the summer of 2001 John had his first paranormal encounter with a full body apparition while staying at a haunted hotel in Cripple Creek. While waiting to get a room, a female entity had appeared in front of him.  The entity was dressed as a maid and had locked eyes with him for several moments before turning around and disappearing into the wall.  John would later have many encounters while investigating with LDP but this particular incident would be the driving force behind his passion into the world of the paranormal.

If you have any questions for John he would be happy to answer them via email.



IT Specialist, Case Manager, Investigator

Matt is our IT Specialist, Case Manager and also assists during our investigations.  Matt has been with Lockdown Paranormal for 3 years. Matt has known Randy and John for 8 years and became interested in joining their group when he heard them talk about a previous investigation.  Matt did not have any previous paranormal experience but was brought onto the team as a part-time investigator/IT specialist in 2013.  

Matt had never had any paranormal encounters before joining Lockdown Paranormal but has experienced several interactions during investigations.  Matt recently had an investigation where we believe a child stated he was scared for Matt regarding his current job, and called him by name through the Spirit Box.  Matt is now a full-time investigator, tech specialist as well as the case manager, a viable and crucial piece to LDP.

If you have any questions for Matt or would like to share any leads please feel free to contact him via email and he will be more than happy to follow up with you.